54. TRAVEL STORIES. CHINA. Ciqikou as a protected cultural site. Other places visited.

TRAVEL STORIES -10 Nov 2023:

1.  Ciqikou in Chongqing is a microcosm and a symbol of the “Old Chongqing.” The present Chongqing is a bustling and modern city, but Ciqikou is its old part. It is a historic city that once looked like, centuries ago. Ciqikou became a protected cultural site in 1998.

A short video of Ciqikou Ancient Town, Chongqing in Nov 2023. A tourist attraction.

A pig video. Pigs are tourist attractions.

2. Other places visited.

Salamander Ecological Sightseeing Park. Rare giant salamander.
Life span may reach 200 - 300 years, called 'longevity fish'. They have
lived on earth for 350 million years and are called "water fossils" 
by the scientificcommunity.


Yangtze River Cruise

Boat ride inside the Huanglong Cave, China

The Avatar scene was filmed her in Zhanjiajie scenic area.


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