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58. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC store in NEX MALL>

  PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Indoor KFC. Use AV. Focus on KFC logo. Indoor KFC photo in NEX Mall. Use AV f/11, ISO  500 Auto shutter speed.   KFC NEX mall, 2 Apr 2024. 12.27pm.   Focus on bright KFC logo. Canon AV, 24mm, 1/50sec, f/11, ISO 500 Use Photoshop to lighten up image and colours. #kfcsingapore #kfcnexmall #kentuckyfriedchicken #singapore #toapayohvets #kongyuensing #singkongyuen #shutterstock .com/g/toapayohvets TO BUY PHOTO:   UPDATE:      

57. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Asoka Tree flowers in gentle breeze. Use TV Mode.

  PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Asoka Tree at 8.30am. Gentle breeze sways flowers. Set TV Mode, AUTO ISO. Asoka Tree. Yishun Pond Park. 27 Mar 2024. 8.28am Canon R5, TV, 105mm, 1/1250sec, f/4.5, ISO 8000. The ISO is set to AUTO. I used TV Mode as there is a gentle breeze swaying the leaves. I focus on the shaded flowers in the centre of the tree shape, hence the AUTO ISO changes to ISO 8000. The high ISO usually causes a grainy image, but this image looks ok. Best is to get low ISO at around ISO 500. #asokatree #ornamentalflowers #yishunpondpark #singapore #toapayohvets #kongyuensing #singkongyuen TO BUY PHOTO: UPDATE: