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4. ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE - appreciate small plot of land in the houses

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017. Intermediate terrace houses usually have a very small plot of land which can be used for growing ornamental plants. But there is a need to keep the garden tidy and clear of pests like snails on the walls, insects, rodents and fungus on plant leaves. Many people simply tile up this area.    The foreign domestic worker puts up bamboo poles and cloth pegs in the front half of the front garden where I do gardening every day. She said that the front has sunlight and shelter if it rains. The back garden has sunlight in the morning but she does not hang wet clothes at this time. So, she used the front garden. An intermediate terrace house has very small plot of garden. Some owners tile up the garden so as to keep the front tidy and clean or to park in another car. Many people do not appreciate the greenery of Nature .


October 2017 in Fukuoka and other towns in Japan. Most of the fashion berets are seen in Fukuoka. The young ladies do wear fashion berets of various qualities and colours. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grey beret matches grey coat. Early morning in Fukuoka.  Nothing makes me happier than my beret during my walk to my office in the early autum morning in Fukuoka