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  ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. IS  THE HUSBAND IS A MALE CHAUVINISTIC  PIG? The wife often offers her husband certain dishes during dining when she notices that he has ignored some dishes. Julie is a retiree Chinese lady in her early 70s. She has been doing this over her decades of marriage. Catherina opened her eyes wide and said: "Why do you serve him (by placing the fish on his plate)? He can do it by himself!". Catherina is a single career lady in her 50s. She had lunch with an Indian friend and my wife including me in NEX mall on 2 April 2024 at The Sushi Tei restaurant.  "I do not ask my wife to serve me food from the dining table," the husband had explained to her many times. The Indian friend who is married with two adult kids, was surprised at her outburst.  The wife repeated this act "of love" automatically, despite the husband telling her not to do so especially when we dine with Catherina. Her act is Catherina's hot button issue. "All Chi


  ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE . The Go-Getter. Take Care of Your Health. ------------------------------------ 16 May 2024. Orchard Link roadside garden. 10am. Coffee at Toast Box Shaw House with Ms M. This yellow butterfly typifies the Type "A" personality - the Go-Getter person who works very hard and gets results as evident in his or her high earnings e.g. S$200,000 income per year for the engineering recruitment lady. This Common Grass Yellow is rarely seen perched on the leaf for more than 3 seconds. It flutters from one flower to another as if it has no time to waste. Hence, it is rare to capture a photo of it sipping honey and permitting me time to squat to its eye level to take a sharp image. "Type A" personalities are like this butterfly. No time to waste on eating, drinking and sleeping as there is so much to do and so little time to achieve. A 24-hour day is insufficient. It is best to take time to take care of your health. This includes a Mediterranean ty

58. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC store in NEX MALL>

  PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Indoor KFC. Use AV. Focus on KFC logo. Indoor KFC photo in NEX Mall. Use AV f/11, ISO  500 Auto shutter speed.   KFC NEX mall, 2 Apr 2024. 12.27pm.   Focus on bright KFC logo. Canon AV, 24mm, 1/50sec, f/11, ISO 500 Use Photoshop to lighten up image and colours. #kfcsingapore #kfcnexmall #kentuckyfriedchicken #singapore #toapayohvets #kongyuensing #singkongyuen #shutterstock .com/g/toapayohvets TO BUY PHOTO:   UPDATE:      

57. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Asoka Tree flowers in gentle breeze. Use TV Mode.

  PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Asoka Tree at 8.30am. Gentle breeze sways flowers. Set TV Mode, AUTO ISO. Asoka Tree. Yishun Pond Park. 27 Mar 2024. 8.28am Canon R5, TV, 105mm, 1/1250sec, f/4.5, ISO 8000. The ISO is set to AUTO. I used TV Mode as there is a gentle breeze swaying the leaves. I focus on the shaded flowers in the centre of the tree shape, hence the AUTO ISO changes to ISO 8000. The high ISO usually causes a grainy image, but this image looks ok. Best is to get low ISO at around ISO 500. #asokatree #ornamentalflowers #yishunpondpark #singapore #toapayohvets #kongyuensing #singkongyuen TO BUY PHOTO: UPDATE: