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55. Character description. "Autopsy" by Patricia Cornwall

 In his sixties, his first name is Wyatt but I don't know his last.  He looks like a sheriff in his khaki uniform with brown pocket flaps, walking up the concrete ramp leading inside the morgue, pressing a button on the cinder block wall. The massive door begins rolling down in the swirling exhaust of the hearse driving out, probably the suicide from Fairfax County, based on bodies scheduled for release. ------------------------- "He needs you to meet him somewhere." My secretary acts as if I answer to her instead of the other way around.  Dressed in her typical couture of a tweedy skirt suit and loafers, her steely gray hair styled like the 1950s, Maggie Cutbush eyes me disapprovingly over the wire-rim glasses perched on the tip of her sharp nose.      "He needs to meet me for what reason---"  I start to say.      "He'll explain," she interrupts.

54. TRAVEL STORIES. CHINA. Ciqikou as a protected cultural site. Other places visited.

TRAVEL STORIES -10 Nov 2023:   1.  Ciqikou in Chongqing is a microcosm and a symbol of the “Old Chongqing.” The present Chongqing is a bustling and modern city, but Ciqikou is its old part. It is a historic city that once looked like, centuries ago. Ciqikou became a protected cultural site in 1998. A short video of Ciqikou Ancient Town, Chongqing in Nov 2023. A tourist attraction.       A pig video. Pigs are tourist attractions.     2. Other places visited. Salamander Ecological Sightseeing Park. Rare giant salamander. Life span may reach 200 - 300 years, called 'longevity fish'. They have lived on earth for 350 million years and are called "water fossils"  by the scientificcommunity.     Yangtze River Cruise Boat ride inside the Huanglong Cave, China   The Avatar scene was filmed her in Zhanjiajie scenic area.  

53. PHOTOGRAPHY OF CHURCH. The best angle.

  PHOTOGRAPHY OF CHURCH. The best angle should be a picturesque view which includes the cross, name of church, garden and trees and the building. Sometimes, it is not possible but in this image, it appears to have all the elements.   Sembawang Baptist Church, Singapore, 15 Sep 2023, 6.23pm Canon R5, tripod, AV, 24mm, 1/80 sec, f/11, ISO 400.    TO BUY PHOTO: UPDATES:    

52. VIDEOGRAPHY SCRIPT. TRAVELS USA. My tour coach got burglared overnight.


51. PHOTOGRAPHY. TRAVELS USA. The Ah Ha Moment. Breaking into a tour coach after midnight in the USA.

TRAVEL STORY - The 'Ah Ha' Moment.  by Dr Sing Kong Yuen. 23 October 2013.  New Jersey, USA. My tour group from Singapore saw a police car when we went to the our coach after breakfast. The coach had been broken into overnight. How did the burglar do it?   The thief stole food, drinks and the driver's sunglasses, but not the camera. The police concluded that he could be a 'hungry homeless man' who had duplicate keys or picked the lock to open the coach door.  A sunny morning.  The ladies looked forward to spending a day at the Factory Outlet. As the coach turned the bend of the road, the rectangular safety vent of the coach lifted up and disappeared, leaving a big gap on the roof of the coach. The was the 'Ah Ha' moment. The 'Ah Ha' moment is a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension . The thief had broken into the coach via the safety vent!  With the fresh air swirling into the coach's roof top vent,