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1.  FINAL VIDEO - 3 cases of anorexia in 3 red-eared sliders in Singapore. Case 1 was a female red-eared slider, housed in a garden pool with a male slider. Previously, they were living harmoniously inside a tank. Severely infected multiple body wounds. Not eating for over 2 weeks. Syringe fed at the surgery. Passed away at home. Case 2 had infected eyes. Recovered with treatment. Case 3 had lost appetite. X-rays shows eggs. Oxytocin and calcium gluconate injections in 2 days did not induce egg laying. As at 1 month after treatment, no eggs are laid. 2.  ANOREXIA IN A 21-YEAR-OLD AND YOUNGER SLIDER. Video link        

49. PHOTOGRPAHY OF BUTTERFLY TIPS. Use a tripod for perching butterfly photos

PHOTOGRAPHY OF BUTTERFLY TIPS. 8 Aug 2023. A small-sized butterfly was perched on a plant. I set up the tripod and waited. The butterfly posed for several seconds. I took numerous shots and got one good one. The tripod is important. I was lucky in that the butterfly had perched onto the plant for some time and I got one good photography out of more than 15, using TV. Buses and vehicles passing by Yio Chu Kang Road did not frighten this Nacaduba berenice (Rounded Six-Line Blue) from staying and licking some salts from the leaf surface. The butterfly is usually seen sipping nectar from flowers. This is evidence to show that it also needs to lick "salts" for good health. Salts like calcium, potassium and sodium are obtained from the environment or soil in the case of butterflies. We rarely see them using the proboscis to sip "salts". TO BUY PHOTO:   UPDATES AT: