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Wed 7 Sep 2022. Blacktown in Australia is more diverse in nationalities and culture than multi-cultural Singapore Wed 7 Sep 2022. This morning walkg around the city of Blacktown.  This is the lower income part of town.  Videos taken 9-10AM on Wed 7 Sep 2022. Blacktown "CBD".  Blacktown is a historic name for a large city that includes many suburbs. It is 60 km N E of Sydney and about one-hour train or car drive to Sydney. A great diversity of migrants from Africa, middle East, ASEAN, Hong Kong, China and others. All are qualified migrants as nowadays, A$6000 sponsorship for PR and a job are needed before one is "invited" to apply for PR. Even Australian graduates need a job to stay, otherwise he is asked to leave. Certain parts of Sydney have enclaves e.g. South Koreans, China nationalities, Hongkongers. At one time, there was a referendum to change the name of "Blacktown" but the name is retained for historic reasons. Original natives were aborigines.   T