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16. WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER. A meeting with Keith Hutton at Yio Chu Kang Crescent forest

28 Jun 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: SPRAY AND PRAY " Why are you stressing me? " Kenneth Hutton, the retiree photographer was upset when I asked him to use the "spray and pray" technique to photograph a rare large black butterfly with a prominent bright yellow spot, fluttering across and away from us in a zig-zag flight path. It appeared a second time for a few seconds and disappeared into the secondary forest. The image shown here is what I saw. I had met Kenneth for the first time at Yio Chu Kang Crescent where he was photographing birds. "Shall I go to the other side of the tree trunk to get the lizard to move to your side?" Keith asked. This Oriental Garden Lizard would shift his position to hide just behind the tree trunk as I clicked my camera to take a photograph of him . This lizard would not disappear completely. He would show his head and eyed me. Curious. If I went nearer, he would shift further behind the tree, but always with his head v