ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. The Go-Getter. Take Care of Your Health.


16 May 2024. Orchard Link roadside garden. 10am. Coffee at Toast Box Shaw House with Ms M.

This yellow butterfly typifies the Type "A" personality - the Go-Getter person who works very hard and gets results as evident in his or her high earnings e.g. S$200,000 income per year for the engineering recruitment lady.

This Common Grass Yellow is rarely seen perched on the leaf for more than 3 seconds. It flutters from one flower to another as if it has no time to waste. Hence, it is rare to capture a photo of it sipping honey and permitting me time to squat to its eye level to take a sharp image.

"Type A" personalities are like this butterfly. No time to waste on eating, drinking and sleeping as there is so much to do and so little time to achieve.

A 24-hour day is insufficient. It is best to take time to take care of your health. This includes a Mediterranean type of diet, daily exercise of 5,000 steps of walking and 30 minutes of moderate vigorous activity and sufficient sleep with naps for the older person.

Failure to take care of your health will manifest from your late 40s in getting heart diseases and diabetes. Or looking aged early. 

GO-GETTER - very energetic, determined. Someone who is very energetic, determined to be successful and able to deal with new or difficult situations easily.






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